Friday, September 12, 2014


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As stated in a previous post, this year I became a Technology Coach after 16 years of being in the classroom as a Middle Years teacher. Although I feel quite comfortable in the digital world and using digital tools in the classroom, I am still finding transitioning to my new position to be somewhat of a  tsunamic wave of information. In the last 2 weeks I've been teaching myself (as well as asking a ridiculous amount of questions of our IT staff) on how to trouble shoot through issues in Office 365 and Screenbeam devices. I've also had to explore curricular connections of apps in the new tablet devices from Kindergarten to High school. It seems like the more I learn, the more I realize that I don't really know very much about what's out there.

I'm starting to wonder if life would be more simple if we were digitally ignorant?? Although I love the doors that technology opens... it kind of leaves me thinking... is technology opening too many doors?

Ah... I shouldn't sound so pessimistic... Maybe I'm just juggling lots in my head.


  1. The more we learn the more we realize that we really don't know much at all! I don't think you're pessimistic because it is true, there are some things we need to reflect upon even if they have been things that many have been advocating. Teaching is going through some very wonderfully interesting and dynamic times which makes it a bit unnerving for everyone. I believe the best thing we can do is continue to build relationships and trust, seek and learn and ask questions and, if things don't quite work out, try again tomorrow! I look forward to learning and sharing with you this term.

  2. I was thinking about you. With all the new roll-out of technology and the issues associated with it I know you must have had a stressful week. The bigger issue is change. I think people in general are hesitant to change because it means getting outside of their comfort zone or fear of the unknown. I think it is great that you have taken on added responsibility and started a new challenge.

    It is a question of literacy. We live in a digital world that is rapidly changing faster than people are comfortable with. The fact is that new technology is a part of of lives and just when you get comfortable with something there will be a new system that will replace it. The problem for you is not only do you have to deal with learning yourself, but the responsibility of teaching it to others. When you are working directly with other teachers they are likely already stressed, agitated and take it out on you.

    Hang in there!

  3. Jenn, I think you bring up some really important questions and thoughts. This class has already opened up my mind about technology. There are so many different programs that I never knew existed. In our school division we are now going to a new program to enter our marks in and there are many people concerned about learning another new program. As Ryan already mentioned, technology is evolving and changing at a rapid pace that it is hard to stay updated and it can be very overwhelming at times. I agree with Kelly about building relationships and that is not only important in education, but in life. I know your new role will be very challenging at times, but take it day by day when it seems overwhelming. I really appreciate the technology support we have in our school division and I am sure your fellow colleagues will appreciate your support and guidance too!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!