Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Makeagif because its's fun!!

What's with the Gif?

So I have a strange fascination with gifs... not sure why I like them so much really. But I found that with your phone, if you happen to snap a bunch of photos of something or someone... like your kids. They make great subject matter for creating your own gif! So here are a couple gifs that I created... I could only add the links to the site.
Rapid fire baby playing Minecraft gif

It was pretty simple to make my own gif. No log in required, quick upload of pics from my phone. It worked almost to well... Where are these gifs going anyways?? Will they eventually 'evaporate' into cyberspace? One thing that could be improved upon is a reset on the speed, but that's for another day.

Application for the classroom 

There could be some fun ideas to create gifs as part of stop animation in Arts Ed or in other subject areas, where you might want to rapidly show pictures in a fun way. These gifs could then immediately be linked to a student's blog or website. Aside from the fun nature, perhaps the students could snap pictures of their progress on a project, then create a gif to document their progress, in a more entertaining way than expected!

If you too are mesmerized by gifs, try out this site: makeagif.com 

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