Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Major Project Looming Ahead...

So as I prep for my major project Weebly website, the Teaching With Technology Hub where I hope to promote different ways we can integrate projects into learning... I realize how much I planned and how much I still have yet to finish... sigh... I have a great deal of my Genius Hour project completed, but now I notice tons of errors.... another sigh.

Anyways one of my project pages is using Skype in the classroom, with teacher accounts on why this is worth their while. I am still gathering many of my resources for my pages, and some of my construction is still underway. I repeat, construction is underway. It  took me a looonnnngggg time to finalize the look and the images that I'm using for my pages. This took wayyyy longer than I anticipated. I have resources that haven't yet added (like ppts or screencasts) that I plan on adding to my site. So try not to judge too harshly. Please.

As part of my page, I'm creating teacher materials from different resources I've gleaned from on-line (I am referencing) as well as student resources. I certainly hope that I'm on the right track with this project, because quite honestly, I'm not sure if it's just really amateur. In any case, I've been learning a great deal about different tools and looking for accessible ways teachers can use these resources for Project based learning in the classroom. In many ways, a lot of my project kind of mirrors a great deal of my learning from the class, but I feel I've hopefully made things palatable for the teacher who hasn't taken a class such as the ECI 831, and is perhaps new to tech integration. Hopefully it doesn't seem like a replica of the class, I just want to share some of my learning with other teachers from my school division, and this is my way of doing it.

Anyways, here is my latest Animoto to promote Mystery Skype... A fantastic way to promote collaborative learning playing a game of Mystery 20 questions. The video is short, meant to promote the activity and captivate student attention, but not so long as to bore them before they begin.

Here's a powerpoint for teachers. It's not overly engaging, it's more about just providing the information. I just happened to choose this format.


  1. Jenn - Your weebly site is looking great! I love the trailers you've made for the different tools - the mystery Skype one is cool! One suggestion - the static pages work well for housing content, but people only see them if they get to the site. Have you seen the Free Tech for teachers blog? They send out posts that feature tools - you might want to consider doing something like that, even if the post basically directs people to the site. That way people can follow the blog - you could do something like weekly tech tips... Makes sense?

    1. Katia, thank you for the suggestion. I do know of the free tech for teachers blog and I visit frequently. I will definitely use this idea. Maybe PBL & Tech tips??? Blog role