Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stay Calm and Think Calming Thoughts,. Stay Calm and Think Calming Thoughts... Stay Calm and...

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The title of my post is my latest mantra. We have about one week and it's all due. Eeeeppp! I am starting to see the light at the end of my project, but I'm finding that the more I explore and create, the more I add. After a brief Q & A discussion with +Kelly Christoffson... of which I look forward to more feedback. I decided that I really need to get more of the personal stories and perspectives in how teachers are integrating digital literacies and technology into their classroom. So rather just share curated resources that I've developed, and the curriculum connections to the projects (of which I still haven't even come close to finding), I am going to try to get more the Teachers behind the technology.

In our division with the new role our teacher devices, student devices and Office 365, I've heard a great deal of complaining. Or let me rephrase that... I've heard A LOT about the challenges that teachers are facing. I thought that in order to get away from the negativity, we need to explore the cool things that teachers are doing in their classroom. It is for this reason that I'm going to try to interview more teacher for my major project webpage to get not only their stories, but the stories of their students, and the impact that technology has had in opening doors for the students.

I'm excited about this, but I'm also starting to think that I might possibly be a little obsessive compulsive and insane. Even if all my stories are not collected by the due date, I am going to persevere and finish the project.... or will this ever be finished? As technology changes and more teachers are starting to see the light as to how digital tools can empower and help us reach all kids... I can't help but think that the site will go on. Perhaps the blog roll page for my blog that +Katia Hildebrandt suggested might be a good idea!

Here is a link to my blog so far! Teaching With Technology Hub

Here are a couple links to videos that I worked on for the "Face Behind the Technology" part of my project. Videos with Matt Bresciani's grade 7/8 class.

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