Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Summary of Learning for ECI 831

A Reflection on My Reflection

As I was composing my Summary of Learning, I really started to get into sharing my learning journey. I'm not usually a linear thinker, as my brain tends to usually bounce around like a ping pong ball in Smartcar, so I decided just to share my reflections and how I reacted to what I learned as the course progressed.  Initially I  had difficulties with what to write, so I started to storyboard in, storyboarthat.com which seemed to get my creative juices going in terms of what I wanted to share. Over the course of our course :) (yes that's intentional), I've been going into many classes in my school division teaching and assisting teachers with ways they can integrate technology. While I was doing this, I started taking videos and photos of kids at work. I also found that even resources I've been creating for my major project helped in telling the story. So as I got into the project, it all just started to come together.

Overall I really enjoyed this creative process and finding the words and images to tell the digital story of my journey in the ECI 831 class. I happened to show my project to a colleague, and she immediately got excited about students telling their own learning journeys. Perhaps even a class learning journey with narration at a grade 12 graduation instead of a Power point set to music... Just an idea.... Don't want to rattle tradition.... Or have students write their own learning journey at the end of a school year,  after they've reflected on their blog posts and assignments over the course of the year. It could be a metacognitive, reflective video that highlights a learning journey. Maybe that was the whole point of Alec and Katia getting us to do this... Hmmmm....

My Summary of Learning Video

I made this video using Windows Movie Maker, then layered on music and narration. I chose to record small chunks and rerecord if needed, then to do it in one take (which is impossible if you have kids running around your house!) Although inserting just the right image at the right spot of my narration took a little time, it was actually very easy. Some aspects were time consuming, such as the cartoons! But overall it went well and regardless of how I do, I actually feel proud of my project.


  1. Inspirational journey Jenn! Thanks for your leadership this semester. Glad to have you in my PLN:)

  2. Your video and summary of learning is so TRANQUIL. I loved the music ahaha. More than anything else, i want to say that you're a leader, and an approachable one. I'm sure you're an awesome coach and will only be a better one. Thanks for integrating your pedagogy and learning theories and ways of understanding into what we're talking about in a very literal way. It was super applicable and I learned a lot. Thanks for being awesome!