Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Project Proposal... and My Obsession for the Next 2 Months!

Ready Set... Go! So long going for beverages with friends. So long binge watching marathons of Suits on Netflix... So long sitting and languidly scanning Twitter for hilarious memes (unless it's to tweet about this class of course)... So long long walks dreamily kicking leaves with my hubby in this crisp autumn weather... So long kids... Mommy doesn't live here anymore.... Okay maybe that's getting overly melodramatic... Sort of...

Genna Rodriguez and I are planning on a project which will leverage learning to great heights in our school division. Or should I say depths? As we hope to deepen student understanding and provide teacher tools for exploring the Digital Fluencies for students.

Click here to view our Office 365 Document - The 21st Century Digital Fluencies and Essential Skills for Learners Project. This document outlines our resources which will guide us in our quest. And keep us straight and true to our course...

The following image represents the 7 C's which is our reinterpretation of Michael Fullen's work on Deeper Learning as well as the ISTE NETS. I realize that the gears don't actually fit. So don't laugh! This image was actually really challenging to create. After fighting with Adobe Illustrator, Genna and I finally recruited someone from our Personal Learning Network, Natalie, a graphic designer (who happens to be my sister-in-law) to save us. Yayyy! Go Natalie!

Here are the details for  our major project...

Project Focus: We are exploring 21st Century Fluencies and the Essential Skills for Learners today and tomorrow. We are working on a resource for teachers in implementing the fluencies and the connections to digital learning within an interdisciplinary context.

Project Goal: Build a continuum for each fluency.

Digital Platform for Sharing Project:
* Office Mix - for teachers in understanding the Essential Skills and their relevancy to learning.
* RCSD Drupal site - platform for our school division. We will ensure that outside visitors can view our resources.

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