Monday, December 14, 2015

Summary of Learning for EC&I 832 - Digital Yoga and Stretching Creativity

What is Digital Yoga and How Does It Help One's Creativity?

The above video is a remix that Genna Rodriguez and I co-created.  In this Summary of Learning I went way above and beyond my usual comfort zone... all thanks to the coaxing of Genna! Initially I was going to just create a video which showed some images and videos that connected to the class with a narrative and relaxing music (sort of what I did in ECI 831)... Then Genna shared her idea... Talk about stepping out of one's comfort zone! Next thing I new I was singing! Yes, singing! (Thank goodness for Autotune!!) Bopping to a beat (or trying to...), and reenacting what it was like to be working and... have 5 Google Plus notifications come up demonstrating that everyone else was finished their weekly blog. 

To make this remix we had to summarize our reflections on the course down to a few stanzas... Every syllable counted and had to match the cadence at which Bruno Mars sang in the original song, Uptown Funk. We used Biteable as our main platform for the song, which was then downloaded and mashed with green screen videos of our awesome acting and grooving to the beat as well as Jib Jab for the guest appearance of Katia and Alec. Thank goodness for Genna's Mac which, as I mentioned above, has auto-tune! If there wasn't this option, I don't think I would have sang!

In any case, I had a great time working with Genna on that project and thank her for pushing me to take risks! She is incredibly talented not only with using technology, but singing as well!  Now my kids are running around the house singing this song...

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