Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Course Profile: Faith Based Digital Citizenship

Welcome to my course!

In this course you will explore a Faith-based Digital Citizenship. This course is designed for grade 7 and 8, is cross-curricular and fits within the umbrella of Practical and Applied Arts.

In order to examine the course, please take some time to review the Profile (see below), where the plan is outlined for rolling out this blended program to the students of the Regina Catholic School Division.

Course Profile

Appendix A:
Cross-Curricular Outcomes

*Note: The Outcomes Map was part of the Course Profile document, but due to the dimensions and layout online it was better to include this separately.

If either document is hard to view, be sure to click on the expand screen button on the bottom right corner. You can also download the document if needed.

Access to the Course Prototype

In order to view the Prototype, you will visit the Regina Catholic Schools Learning Online Moodle Platform, where you will have the opportunity to login as a guest or through a test student user credentials. (The test student user credentials will be provided to you via the google form, via Alec and Katia.... and as part of the security of the Learning Online site, I will not put them on my blog.) Here are directions for logging in as a guest.

Course Design

When you visit the course, you will notice that the shell is built and that most modules are completed. There are modules for each of the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, as well as an Introduction, Assessment Tools and Teacher Resources. The course is designed for a blended environment, and has the flexibility that would allow teachers to teach either the course in it's entirety, or in individual modules throughout the year. With the end of the year culminating with a Digital Service Project.

Faith Based Digital Citizenship Framework

The framework for this course has been built, however not all modules are complete for each of the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. Please explore the modules indicated by the arrow.
Intro: Becoming the Samaritan on the Digital Road;
Topic 1: Etiquette
Topic 2: Access
Topic 4: Communication
Topic 5: Literacy
Topic 7 a & b: Rights and Responsibilities
Face to Face Final Digital Service Project
Assessment Tools
Teacher Resources

What you will see represented are modules for 5 elements of the Digital Citizenship continuum that I worked on. Although the course is not completed, I will be finishing the remaining 4 modules in the next 2 months.

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